How do we use hair wraps?

As a great addition to the image and decoration of the space. We can wear hair wraps in our hair, attach them to a bag or on the lapels of our jeans, and hang them in the car or wherever we want.

As a magical tool. Each hair wrap has its own history and is dedicated to a theme. We choose this or that hair-wrap when we want to concentrate on a theme and work with it. It can be a rune from Oldest Futhark, a goddess or god, a totem animal or any other theme. We create various hair wraps. Hair wraps can be a great anchoring tool, because when we wear them and several times a day we look in the mirror or fix our clothes or notice on ourselves, they bring our thoughts back to the desired theme again and again.

 We just love the feeling of wearing hair wraps. They are very tactile and soft and nice to stroke, and we’ve found through experimentation that they’re a great stress reliever if you use them on your hands during stressful situations.

We love wearing our hair wraps!


 How to take care of hair wraps?

Hair wrap is made of fabric, threads, beads, charms and our love 🙂 If it happens that you need to clean it from dirt, just use warm water with a not too aggressive detergent, such as soap, and clean it by hand. Washing in a washing machine or using aggressive detergents can damage the materials and lead to unexpected results.


 How to store hair wraps?

Like any textile product, hair wrap needs to be protected from moisture and dust. For your convenience, we send the hair wrap along with a small purse that you can use to store it later.

 And we also include a little thank you card made of hand-cast paper that we make ourselves by recycling cardboard and office paper. To the thank you card we attach a 100 percent silk tassel, which we also make ourselves. The tassel is a symbolic representation of rain. Rain is a symbol of fertility, abundance, and future wealth. Likewise, silk is a symbol of wealth and abundance. So the tassel attached to the thank you card is our wish of good and prosperity to all who supported our workshop with their choice. Thank you very much, we appreciate your support!